Rainer's Music Page

I have a pretty diverse range of musical tastes, to the point where some people are pretty surprised. I do know others that have as wide a range, though. Ele also re-introduced me to a genre of music I had ignored for a long time. I quite enjoy folk music again. Our tastes do diverge a little, though... While she doesn't like it when the sound gets a little rocky, and doesn't mind a touch of country, I'm the exact opposite. We do have a solid middle ground, however.

At the other end of the scale, I have been listening to quite a bit of what was called "alternative" music. I got introduced to it in the late 80s, and have been listening to it ever since. I met a few people here in town that were "into the scene", as it were, when I moved back in the early 90s. Through them, I got to hanging out at a local club, listening to a lot of live bands.

Eventually, the club changed formats, and thus began my real, and continuing, foray into the Goth/Industrial scene. I had actually been introduced to it years early by MuchMusic's playing of National Velvet's "Flesh Under Skin", but I didn't know what it was called. I just knew I really liked it, and Maria Del Mar looked HOT! I was quite happy to fall into the scene here. Finally, a place where I felt comfortable, liked the music, met a lot of great people, and could just hang. Since moving in with Ele, I don't go out nearly enough, but such is life. I still love the music. Part of the problem is not from Ele, either. The location has changed a number of times, for starters. Second, there is a problem with nights. The current club has the hard-core Industrial on Saturday night, which is OK (though it's been shifting more into techno, which is also OK, but not what I tend to go out for an evening for). But the Goth night is Sunday. Not easy at my age to go out until 2:00 AM on a Sunday night/Monday morning, when you've got to be alert at your desk at 8:00 AM! :-(

I tend to enjoy the mellower, "adult" goth more than the heavy, Industrial-laced sound these days, but that doesn't mean I don't listen to the hard-core at all. Every once in a while, you've just got to crank it up!

Some of the bands and singers I enjoy are (in no particular order):

Garnett Rogers
Stephen Fearing
Siouxie and the Banshees
Sisters of Mercy
Dead Can Dance
Diary of Dreams
Sarah McLachlan
Love is Colder Than Death
Switchblade Symphony
Natalie Merchant
Natalie MacMaster
Arrogant Worms
Austin Lounge Lizards
Joy Division
Green Day
Monster Magnet
Bad Religion
And the list goes on and on... Some point down the road, I'll sort this all into categories for you.

BTW, a friend has introduced me to VNV Nation recently, which I'm quite enjoying, and I've also started listening to Classical, Baroque, and the like after many years away.