I've got to get better images than these cheesy hands! Welcome to Rainer's Main Page This will get replaced by a nice ImageMap on a burning bush! Or maybe even Moses burning at the stake.
Greetings, and welcome to Rainer's little corner of cyberspace. This collection of web pages will serve several purposes, including telling you about myself, imparting some of my ideas, act as a playing ground for me to experiment with web techniques (mostly the low-bandwidth ones), etc.

I plan to use this space to pontificate about all of those things that really cheese me off, talk about my musical tastes, and that sort of trivia. On another page, I'll have links to my philosophies of life (warning, politicians will be offended!). And, no, you won't find lots of nekkid GIFs here.

If you are interested in the different Unix and Unix-like operating systems, you might want to go here to see the Edmonton Unix User Group's website (/usr/group/edmonton). I am the secretary and newsletter editor for the group currently, and have been for a while. (Please note that this group is now, sadly, defunct. It was a good, long run, but people no longer want to attend the sessions once a month. While we had thoughts on why, we were unable to pin down the definitive reasons.)

I do, however, still have my OpenSolaris involvement.

And, finally, there is a space for my studies. I took Pacific and Asian Studies while in university. This has lead to a number of interests, particularly in Japanese studies (my minor). While I haven't been able to keep up with the studies (I need someone to invent a 36-hour day), I do hope to return to them at some point. My initial thoughts are here.