All about Rainer's policy on Nekkid GIFs

You aren't going to find much about sex, here. Sorry. I have a number of reasons. Among them is that I know what my sexual pecadillos are, and don't intend on sharing them with strangers. In addition, I am living with a very wonderful woman, who satisfies me quite well, thank-you-very-much. Don't even bother emailing me any images, stories, or offers for free p0rns1te access, as you don't know what I like, and I'm not interested in your garbage.
As a note to those that don't know: when my site was first set up, it used a recycled IP address. The IP had been used, not that long ago, by a big p0rns1te. There were a number of other p0rns1tes, including a number in Europe, that had linked to pages on the local one. Of course, they had been really stupid, and linked via IP address, and not domain name. So, I had mega-hits at first, all trying to find sex pages that I didn't (and won't) have. I notified these other sites that what they were linking to didn't exist anymore, and that they were stupid for having used the IP in the first place, but it fell on deaf ears. (If you think many sites are bad for keeping links up to date, well, p0rns1tes are probably the worst. If there isn't money in it...) So, I finally got the IP address of my site changed, and the hits went back down to the low numbers (and low error numbers) that it should have been. So, that explains this page. I'm leaving it here just because.